DOlores School District, DOlores CO

We foster personal success for teachers and students

Superintendent   Phil Kasper


Phil Kasper

In Dolores, we recognize that in order for our students to be successful, our teachers need to be successful.   We have dedicated significant resources toward supporting teachers through relevant, teacher-requested professional development.  Our district has 15 days of paid professional development for all teachers.  We deeply value teacher collaboration and our small district’s single K-12 campus creates the ideal conditions for collaboration across grades and for creating continuums of success for our students.  Our small campus creates a family feel and allows us to keep class sizes small to foster personalized attention and instruction for each student.

Our district is also committed to fostering personal success for students.  We do this by providing additional adult support to help students address a multitude of barriers to learning. 

We have additional counselors, social workers, and deans to support student social-emotional needs.  We also provide students with 1:1 technology to support their learning and give our students the ability to explore the world beyond our small mountain town. All our classrooms are fully integrating Google classroom and the technology teachers need to support student personalized learning.

Finally, in Dolores we honor the experience that teachers bring to our district.  We accept up to 10 years of prior experience on a 1:1 basis and provide a ½ step credit for up to an additional 10 years.  I hope that you will consider a career in Dolores Public Schools.  We are committed to your success as a teacher.



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